Online English Teaching

Online English Teachers for Young Learners

Virtually Fluent is an online English academy that launched in 2020. It sets out to help people learn English as a lifelong means of communication, primarily with the Dogme approach. We create all our own materials for classes, including online worksheets, British culture blogs and YouTube videos of life in the UK.

Primarily, we offer private and group online classes to young learners as well as teens and adults for general English, business English or Cambridge exam preparation. However, we also provide an extensive online portal where students can support their English learning through self-development. We provide short online vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation courses where learners can interact with each other through forums, group pages and quizzes.

We’re looking for a fully-qualified (at least CELTA or similar qualification), native or C2 level English teacher to take on online classes for young learners.

All classes take place via Zoom and we provide a fully-paid Zoom pro account. All Zoom links are generated for you and integrated into your calendar so you can easily join each class and keep track of your schedule.

Our teachers are free to use any material they prefer, although we do provide free access to all our own materials. This includes an entire syllabus for young learners from absolute beginner through to intermediate levels. We provide a presentation, summary page and homework activity for each of our selected topics. Many of our young learners require support with the topics they’re learning at school and may send their own materials to work with instead.

Teachers should provide fun, interesting and interactive online classes with games, songs, videos and online quizzes amongst other multimedia. We aim to provide a learning space that is productive, in terms of English development, but also fun for our young learners.

We aim to keep administration to a minimum, therefore, we don’t ask for an official learning plan, student reports or student attendance sheets, unless requested by the student. We do provide an online lesson record for each student to keep track of classes completed.

At the moment, all our young learner classes are private lessons lasting between 30 and 45 minutes.

We also teach general adult English classes as well as business English and Cambridge Exam Preparation. With our student base growing, there are plenty of opportunities to take on further students.

We pay all our freelance teachers in GBP, £15/hour. Payment is made on the 1st of each calendar month for all classes completed.

TEFLwork suggested qualifications for this role: CELTA and the ELTcampus fully online Certificate in teaching English to Young Learners