Director of Studies

Director of Studies for ELT needed by well established International Education provider in Oxford, UK

St Clare’s specialises in teaching the IB Diploma, University Foundation, Gap Year academic courses, and short Summer courses for Juniors, Teenagers and Adults. We are a coeducational independent school in Oxford.

St Clare’s College in Oxford, UK is looking for a qualified and experienced Director of Studies to work for St Clare’s ELT division.

Purpose of Role:

To ensure that students on all ELT-related courses at St Clare’s both on-site and online receive English language and study skills instruction that satisfies their requirements, is faithful to the St Clare’s academic mission and delivered within budget.

Key Responsibilities:

– Programme Management
– Academic Year September to mid-June
– Welcomes, tests and places students on all ELT-based courses roughly every 7 weeks.
– Ensures that the English language components of EAS and UFP courses dovetail with academic modules and support the development of students’ academic literacies.
– Updates the ELT Teachers’ Handbook: inducts new staff accordingly and ensures that procedures are fully understood and adopted – Weekly Plans, Progress Tests, Attendance Records, Study – — Visits, Report-writing, Satisfaction Questionnaires, CLA- compliance etc.
Maintains quality-control in the ELT classroom, observing classes, providing feedback on lessons and conducting annual appraisals for year-round teachers and end-of-contract appraisals for short-term teachers.
– Sets the agenda for and chairs ELT staff meetings
– Plans and co-ordinates CPD and information-sharing sessions, primarily for ELT teachers, but on occasion also involving academic subject teachers.
– Manages the purchase and maintenance of ELT resources and facilities; ensures that published and on-line resources are available to support classroom activities; and supports teachers and facilities staff to create an environment which is conducive to learning.
– Understands the responsibilities associated with ‘duty of care’: ensures teachers complete risk assessments for Study Visits, monitors student attendance and performance, encourages social integration both inside and outside the classroom as appropriate.

Summer School:

– Manages the delivery of all ELT programmes (inside the classroom): lessons learning, orientation, discipline and welfare, and cost the quality control measures
– Creates the syllabus framework each year, term or course period in advance, incorporating Weekly Themes and events; plans and devises templates and content for new courses as required.
– Selects resources (piloting, adapting and recommending purchases etc.); reviews the current placement tests, academic packs and the teachers’ handbooks; monitors capacities across the sites and courses, and plans rooms in advance.
– Encourages teachers to use a wider range of skills (e.g., learner training, digital learning and vocabulary acquisition) in the classroom on summer courses.
– Co-ordinates the day-to-day running of courses overseeing the placement tests for students on first morning of each course; arranges the timetable (creating groups, allocating rooms etc.); monitors Study Visits and Active Language Projects, and recruits Guest Speakers in line with the Theme of the season (e.g. Oxford, Global City).
– Handles academic queries and complaints from students, parents and agents co-ordinating and collating Certificates and Reports to a high professional standard throughout.
– Leads regular meetings of the Banbury Road teaching team in the mornings before classes and arranges in-house training sessions during the summer season, as appropriate.
– Directs courses for ELT and other closed group courses (e.g. Kanagawa, Daegu, Dushu Lake, Lanzhou) throughout the year, as overall college numbers permit.
– Reviews the ELT suite of programmes for teenagers and juniors (Summer English, Intensive English, English Plus and Language & Activity) clarifying the syllabus framework and language objectives.
– Liaises with the IB Institute and academic subject providers in the preparation and management of courses such as IB Introduction, Science in Oxford, Business in Oxford and Art in Oxford.

Staff recruitment and Management:

– Assesses need for and recruits temporary teaching staff for both the year-round and short- course ELT operations. This includes liaising with HR to place job adverts, evaluating CVs and application forms, arranging interviews (face-to-face or online), carrying out interviews, selecting suitable staff and sending letters of appointment
– Coordinates the advertisements, interviews, appointment, DBS checks and induction of staff, teachers, activity staff, temporary administrators.
– Oversees and supports the Short Courses Administrator and recruits the temporary Senior Teacher/ADOS on Banbury Road campus, and the temporary management team for the Junior Course and other short courses, as appropriate. Visits each site regularly in season.
– Inducts teachers prior to each course start-date throughout the summer season (usually on Sundays), clarifying systems, resources and facilities, expectations etc.
– Tests and, if necessary, interviews potential students before their acceptance on all courses with a prescribed CEF/IELTS minimum entry level requirement by phone, Skype, Zoom or other platform, assessing language level and course choice.
– Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead. Takes responsibility for safeguarding training for academic staff on all summer courses and joint sessions with non-academic staff as appropriate.
Supports teachers (observing lessons every three weeks during summer) and monitors & maintains quality in classrooms: providing feedback for teachers & completing references.
– Liaises with IT, porters, maintenance and IB teachers over the availability and set up of rooms and resources for teaching.
– Ensures the IC, with Operations Director and DOS Academic, is fully compliant with all inspection regulations: safeguarding, Student Sponsor Licence, retention, inspection by all external bodies (e.g., ISI PFE, British Council). Maintains detailed records for external inspection bodies e.g., Teacher appraisal documents, student progression, CPD record etc.

EFL Teaching:

Teaches up to 15 hours per week at the International College from September to December (inclusive) plus approximately 20 hours administration. From January – August the focus is predominantly administrative though some teaching may be required according to business needs.

To plan and deliver English Language lessons, which are both challenging and stimulating, to a range of international students attending ELT or ELT hybrid courses at St Clare’s International College.

– To prepare and display a Weekly Plan of instruction, according to the academic guidelines for the course or needs and wants of one-to-one students.
– To devise lessons that are appropriate to the syllabus, level, interests and needs of the learners in each class, maintaining a suitable balance of teacher input, and student involvement.
– To deliver each class with energy and enthusiasm, aiming high, and providing a learning process that is both challenging and engaging.
– To bring creativity and variety to the weekly programme, in consultation with other class teachers, using a combination of course book and photocopied materials, appropriate use of digital technology, and incorporating Study Visits into the teaching programme where suitable to promote a clear learning outcome.
– To contribute specialist skills to the English classes, according to the students’ interests and requirements, including exam skills for IELTS or Cambridge exams, learner training activities, Speaking & Pronunciation workshops, reading strategies, global issues debates.
– To monitor students’ progress through questionnaires at the start, during and at the end of each course.
– To act as Academic Tutor carrying out regular meetings with your main group of students (up to 15).
– To complete end of course reports and certificates for each student in the main class or 1-to- 1 students and present them to students at the end of each course.
– To contribute to the life of the college ‘beyond the classroom’, as part of the activity programme or cross-college events.
– To be actively involved in the provision of ‘duty of care’, including completing risk assessments for Study Visits, monitoring student behaviour around the college, encouraging integration in and out of the classroom as appropriate etc.
– To perform other duties as reasonably required to ensure an educational and enjoyable experience for the students.
– Involvement in course development work, as required

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and that if shortlisted you’ll be asked to fill out a form from the School.

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