English Teaching

English Teachers Required

Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Education Group employs more than 15 foreign language schools per year. Accommodating and introducing them into Chinese culture seamlessly.

Without the hustle and bustle of Beijing or the westernisation of Shanghai, Shijiazhuang is perfectly situated between the two. Experience modern Chinese culture while sharing your own with the children of Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School.

There are many positions available teaching all ages ranging from Kindergarten to High school. Class sizes depend upon the grade but vary from 15 to 45 students. As a full time teacher you will teach from Monday to Friday with 25 classes per week.

Accommodation is on campus and each area is no more than a 5 minute walk away. You will be provided with your own apartment containing a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area that are all fully furnished. Vacation time includes a standard 4-5 week holiday over Chinese New Year plus the various other extended weekends throughout the year.

Salary is dependent upon experience but begins at a minimum of 10,000rmb for new graduates with no teaching experience. Additional bonuses include flight reimbursement of a total 12,000rmb per year, 1000 rmb winter travel bonus etc.

For more information or to arrange an interview over skype or wechat, please contact us today.