English Teaching


Teach Seville is a two year long EU funded programme run in partnership by Red Ochre in London and 3Si in Seville. Red Ochre is a social change consultancy that works with organisations and individuals to help them build organisations and projects that can change the world for the better. Teach Seville is one way in which we offer opportunities to people to grow, improve their skills and make a contribution.

Do you have a CELTA, TESOL or TEFL qualification?. Did you qualify after August 2018? Do you want to use your qualification to help everyone learn English? If so, apply now for our experiential teaching training scheme!

Teach Seville is an Erasmus+ programme we set up to give teachers who have recently got their TESOL, TEFL or CELTA, practical teaching experience within a supported environment – in Seville, Spain (Spanish language skills are not required).

It gives you a chance to do a job in an academy or school, try out and develop your skills with a group of peers of mixed ages – and learn from each other.

Our scheme is a two year long EU funded programme run in partnership by Red Ochre in London and 3Si in Seville. That means all expenses (flights, bills, rent, insurance, 110 Euros grant per week for your food costs, support etc…) are all paid for as part of our funding.

We’ve just won late (due to Brexit related delays) funding to expand our scheme after a successful few years!

We are urgently now recruiting for another group of teachers who will have their placements between September 16th-December 19th 2019.


Teach Seville provides placements in 2019-2021 for you to use your teaching skills in English academies (such as Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesus, Lope de Vega Colegio, The Learning Centre, OUIEA and TEC Sevilla) in Seville, Spain. You’ll be with a group of 12 participants who are all in Seville at the same time working in these academies and living together.

Here’s how it works:

1) Placements last 95 days.
2) You will get FULL expenses paid (see below).
3) Train and teach in well known English academies in Seville. Placements will be modified to suit individuals but generally you’ll start off with an orientation week, move to shadowing activities before assisting and running your own classes. All our academies have hosted our trainee teachers before and will a range of teaching experiences so you can develop your skills and self understanding.
4) Your own room in an apartment in central Seville. You’ll stay in the Macarena district of Seville with your own room with a bed, desk etc. and share a lounge and kitchen with two or three others who are also on Teach Seville.
5) Continuous in country support from a friendly team who’ve done it. Our partners, 3Si are based in Seville. They are an Anglo-Spanish team full of staff that have teaching English qualifications. They’ll support you in your placement and your care whilst in Spain. You will receive preparation training from Red Ochre at our offices in London before you go and orientation when you arrive including tours of Seville and your local neighbourhood as well as 1-1s about your work placement. This means day to day and week to week you will have support when you need it.
6) Free Spanish lessons whilst in Seville.
7) A preparation training day at our offices in London before your placement so you’re ready to roll when you arrive in Seville.
8) An opportunity to teaching in a community centre setting and provide free lessons to those in Seville who want them.

If living in an incredible city like Seville with support and funding (and post Brexit these sort of things will end) isn’t enough…

We know that after qualifying, for most English teachers experience is often isolated to on the job progression. This scheme will give you practical experience in well known academies in Seville, with a mentor in the school to guide your development. We also want you to try out different ways of teaching and with a range of students so that you can use the scheme to really develop. And if you can help to teach the Sevillanos English, you’ll also be opening possibilities for them too!