English Teaching

ESL Teachers

QEC was founded in the year 2001 with the aim of promoting the provision of high-quality education in Saudi Arabia. The founders of QEHC all shared the common objective of wishing to invest in education with a view to making a difference. The owners are motivated by their desire to ensure all learners are given the best opportunities to maximize their potential.

A leading national educational institution experienced in the design and delivery of high-quality education and training, fit for the contemporary.

Produce a generation of individuals able to contribute to the Kingdom’s progress And to further the development of the country by investing in and actively promoting the skills and educational development of employees in the public and private sectors.

QEHC is a leading provider of soft skills training in Saudi Arabia. We partner with an international provider and also deliver training to government and industry in our training academy in Riyadh.

Teacher training and Professional Development:

QEHC has a history of teacher training provision to schools and government. We have worked at government level to provide teacher training including training for Gifted and Talented in partnerships with King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (also known as Mawhibba). QEHC partners with international teacher training providers to deliver government contracts and build local capacity.

Quality Education Company is offering ESL teachers job to work with our top universities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for IMMEDIATE START.

Job Requirements
• Citizens of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand are welcomed (Visa purposes)
• Bachelor Degree with one of these certificates: CELTA, TEFL, TESOL, TESL, DELTA (Online Certificates are NOT accepted)
• Age limit 23 to 58 years old
• Minimum of 2 Years’ adult teaching experience

Job Description
•Plan, organise and provide instruction in English
•Develop and deliver a lesson plan that utilise a broad range of appropriate teaching techniques and strategies
•Teaching English Language to adult students
•Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to adult students
•Providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work
•Listening actively and effectively in order to identify and solve problems
•Facilitate student’s learning and work on building a student’s confidence
•Participating in English Language Department staff meetings, professional development,
workshops, curriculum/program
•Planning, and research activities and special events