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Online English Language Teacher

Novakid is an online English learning platform. Our international team works all over the world with 4-12 years old children from Russia, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Spain, and other countries.

Would you like to make profit teaching English to children all over the world whenever and wherever you want? We offer that and more. Novakid is an online English learning platform

Position: Online English Language Teacher

We are looking for native English speakers from the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and native-level-like speakers from all over the world!

  • PAY RATE: starting from 16$ an hour (native), starting from 5$ an hour (non-native)
  • REQUIREMENTS: BA or higher, 1 year of experience, international EFL teaching certificates (e.g. CELTA)
  • MINIMUM WORKLOAD:20 hours a week
  • WORKING HOURS: 9:00 – 22:00 (GMT+3)

Our advantages:

– Time and Location Flexibility – We offer timezone diversity. You open slots and arrange your business days when and where it feels the most convenient for you.
– Teaching materials – You don’t need to make any lesson plans: Novakid provides a program that was created by experienced practicing teachers and methodologists.
– Professional growth – We offer continuing education sessions for understanding latest platform innovations, curriculum methodologies, and implementation of best teaching practices.
– Global Reach – Novakid connects you with students located in diverse geographical locations. We cater mostly European as well as Asian and South American markets.
– Financial convenience – You can withdraw money from your account any time and as much as you want.

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