English Teaching

Full-time on-site English teaching position, for adults, 1 year contract, Manila, Philippines

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Looking for full time adult level English teacher for training center in Manila that currently operates 2 high-performing, open-enrolment schools. Delivering a rigorous but fun education system for students looking to improve their English.


1. Follow established classroom systems/procedures
2. Reinforces a culture of high expectations
3. Implements lesson plans and classroom activities
4. Regular student assessment
5. Collaborates with team members to improve own and others’ instructional practices; shares best practices
6. Actively participates in professional development activities as requested by principals, including: training sessions and working with lead teacher, principal, instructional coaches
7. Provides timely information on classroom activities and student progress
8. Tracks critical student information and maintains accurate student records
9. Collaborates with other team members to address learning challenges in accordance with individual student plans