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ONLINE English language Teacher – Business English – Greater Europe

"Good communication skills are the key to success."

Melius Solutions Srls through its’ language training division EASI ENGLISH is an established business English and communication skills training consultancy based in Italy.

Since 1997, EASI ENGLISH has been providing generic and tailored business English and communication skills courses and workshops in Europe and North America to local and international companies to meet the specific needs of particular groups of employees in the workplace. In addition, the company’s active blog provides innovative video training pills to language learners all over the world. A well-recognized name in the Italian services and training community, Melus Solutions has built a global reputation for providing quality tailored programmes that maximize a return on a company’s investment. All our courses and workshops allow for flexibility and therefore, can be tailor-made to a company’s and their staff’s requirements and objectives, creating a relevant, dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for the participants.

We are always looking for new English language teachers to join our team.

We offer online training opportunities for English teachers.

A TEFL certification such as CELTA or similar is required along with 2 years teaching experience.
You need to be friendly, motivating, creative, flexible & caring.
So… if your strengths as a teacher go beyond theory, send us your details & we can get to know each other.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

TEFLwork recommends:

  • For those candidates without the experience or a qualification for teaching English to Young Learners, get prepared with ELTcampus courses