English Teaching

Kindergarten Teachers in China

We are a large, venerable kindergarten with sixteen branches established since 2001. Founded by educational progressives, we are the leaders in quality pre-school education in the region.

My name is Mark Straka. I studied education at Cleveland State University in the early eighties, and practiced it in Taiwan from the mid-eighties through to 2005. I am currently one of the directors of the English Program at the Cambridge Red Oak Kindergarten headquartered in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.

Our sixteen branch schools were established progressively over the course of the last seventeen years by a group of educational ‘progressives’. Currently, we are applying an adaptation of the ‘project approach’ to the bilingual environment with positive results. Our need of qualified pre-school teachers is not only ongoing but increasing with the popularity of our program.

Our schools are large and long-established. We maintain all proper licensures and registrations in Fujian Province.

Our classes tend toward having thirty children in attendance. Each class is taught by a team including two ‘foreign’ teachers and two Chinese teachers. These teams meet daily for planning and preparation work.

Our schedule is typical of schools worldwide: we arrive by 8 AM along with the arriving children, spend the morning with them going through the periods and scheduled activities; eat with them at 11:30 AM, then nap with them until 2:15 PM, or use that time for planning and prep; then negotiate the afternoon schedule with the children, and see them off homeward between 4:30 and 5:30 PM, during which time teachers also leave. Evenings and week-ends are the teacher’s own time.

We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of education for the children. This is always our foremost concern. Our internal department of educational affairs is strongly staffed with earnest educational professionals.

We provide a salary in Chinese Yuan (CNY) that amounts to (exchange rates vary) over USD 2000 monthly (CNY 15000), along with CNY 6000 in transportation reimbursement annually, a residential apartment as near to the branch school as we can find, and pay during holidays (six weeks annually). In the Xiamen City area, this is above average compensation, and considering that a bus ride costs approximately USD 0.25 (CNY 1), and meal USD 2.00 (CNY 15), this affords a comfortable life.

Upon completion of a two-year term of practice, a certificate of accomplishment in the application of our modified project approach will be issued.

Please, though, feel entirely free to express thoughts and concerns and to ask any questions whatsoever that might occur to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Straka