Middle East Summary

The Middle East is one of the world's most popular TEFL destinations right now. Landing a job working in the Middle East is often complimented by a high salary and lots of extra added benefits such as free return flights to your home country, many days of holiday and also free accommodation. Jobs in the Middle East often require a high level of training such as a Cambridge CELTA and a University Degree. Browse through the Middle East section for the latest TEFL Jobs in the Middle East, information, living costs and TEFL courses.

Teaching Life in the Middle East

Salary ExpectationsSalaries in the Middle East are notoriously high, averaging at around $40,000 USD a year.
Accommodation CostsMany jobs in the Middle East include free accommodation on complexes with other teachers.
Working HoursTEFL Jobs in the Middle East tend to be around 20 hours per a week with lots of holidays and additional public holidays.
Food and DrinkOften food is included in your work package. Remember that in many Middle Eastern countries it is against the law to drink alcohol.

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