Asia Summary

From buzzing cities in Japan, wide, open plains in China and beach side retreats in Thailand; there’s so much variety in the huge Asian continent. Plus, it’s enormous population means that the demand for English teachers is consistent. Most employers are looking for high-quality teachers, certified with Cambridge CELTA or Delta – but experience isn’t always a must. Salaries range depending on country, however the low cost of living in most Asian countries means that English teachers can enjoy the best of what each country’s culture and cuisine has to offer.

Teaching Life in Asia

Salary ExpectationsSalaries for teachers in Asia range from US$1,000 per month in the South East, to up to $2,500 in places like Korea or Hong Kong.
Accommodation CostsMany employers in Asia offer an accommodation allowance as part of their contracts. Even so, a one-bedroom flat in the centre of your chosen city shouldn’t cost more than a third of your monthly wage.
Working HoursHours for full-time English teachers range between 16 and 24 per week. The standard amount of holidays is 21 days, but in some places it can be as much as five weeks.
Food and DrinkFood across Asia is cheap and varied. From a 70 baht (US$2) spicy curry from a street vendor in Thailand, to a sushi selection in Tokyo, you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes.

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