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Academic Director – Cusco, Peru

UK Freelance Homestay Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

EFL Teacher – Liverpool, UK

English Language Teacher

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A lot of jobs out are about teaching English to children.
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Developed by experts in the field of teacher training, this ELTcampus course bundle will give you understanding, tools, and techniques for making your young learner classroom thrive.

You’ve got your CELTA certificate, or similar and now you’re looking to get a teaching job. If the jobs you’re looking at are about young learners (aged 3-10+), you’ll have to get ready.

Teaching English to children isn’t just throwing a few games and colouring in activities on top of your teacher training for adults. To be effective and enjoy teaching, you need to understand exactly what teaching children means.

  • What are the characteristics of young learners?
  • How do children learn to listen and speak?
  • How do children learn to read and write?
  • What effect does this have on teaching children a second or other language such as English?
  • How do we manage the young learner classroom?
  • How do we plan lessons for children? What do we need to consider?

Find out with this comprehensive and engaging course by ELTCampus, written with you in mind.