Are you a newly qualified teacher looking to learn more about teaching different age groups? Or are you an experienced TEFL teacher, wanting to further enhance your career? Online courses are a great way to learn new skills and improve your knowledge, at the same time as making your CV even more attractive to employers. Distance learning enables you to take your qualification from anywhere in the world, usually at your own pace. This means you can fit your study around work or other life commitments.

If you are interested in teaching children, it may seem a little daunting after only being in a classroom with adult learners. The fully online Young Learners Course is a fantastic way to study techniques such as classroom management and lesson planning, which will help you to become a confident teacher who can work with learners of all ages. This 35+ hour interactive course involves videos from the classroom, as well as lots of illustrations, activities and original art. On completion, you will be given a certificate which will help you to stand out to employers or if you have already bagged yourself a job, will give you a head start on how to deal with young learners in the classroom!

If you are an experienced TESOL teacher, with at least two years of teaching English to a variety of levels and ages, you might be interested in the option of progressing your career by taking the Cambridge Delta online. The Delta can open doors to higher paid jobs, with graduates working as Principals, Directors of Studies or eventually becoming teacher trainers themselves. The Delta is split up into three modules, which can be taken online individually, each resulting in a certificate from Cambridge. If you complete all three, you will receive an overarching certificate. Module 1 is exam based, focusing on ‘Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching’. Module 2 is practical based, focusing on ‘Developing Professional Practice’. Module 3 is assignment based, focusing on either ‘Extending Practice and ELT Specialism’ or ‘English Language Teaching Management’. The Delta Online courses can be taken from anywhere in the world and are usually part time as they are designed to fit around teachers who are currently working. Enhance your TEFL CV and fine tune your teaching techniques with the Cambridge Delta.