Director of Studies - Stafford House International, Cambridge, UK

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About the Company

Stafford House International
Stafford House International is a fast growing group of English Language Schools devoted to help our international students develop their language abilities as well as exploring the great cities we are in. We are offering four locations in the UK (London, Brighton, Cambridge & Canterbury) four locations in the USA (Boston, Chicago, San Francisco & San Diego) and two locations in Canada (Toronto and Calgary) We have recently acquired two English Language Schools in Canada located in Toronto and Calgary.

About the job

United Kingdom
Bachelors Degree (Any)
Delta Diploma
20 April 2017

Job Description

The post-holder will assist the School Principal in managing the School and assume responsibility for any professional duty of the Principal as delegated. The Director of Studies (DoS) is responsible to the Principal/Manager for the academic management of the School and ensuring the teaching and learning component of the programmes are delivered to the highest standards.

Management of Teaching Staff

  • Responsible for teacher recruitment in line with student enrolments, in accordance with Company policy (including child safeguarding and welfare).
  • Accountable for teacher induction, teacher training and development: ensures regular lesson observations and constructive feedback take place, designs INSET sessions and provides information and advice on external training for staff.
  • Responsible for the provision of regular INSET training sessions for teaching staff.
  • Holds regular staff meetings and INSET sessions for teachers. Ensures that major points are included in the Minutes of the meeting and filed for future reference.
  • Arranges teaching cover when teachers are absent from work; ensuring that teachers have instructions available on what is to be taught in their absence using the Scheme of Work. Briefs the cover teacher accurately to ensure students have continuity of class content.
  • Ensures teachers are up to date with administrative procedures including registers, progress reports and certificates. Ensures teachers produce weekly Schemes of Work and that these are filed and referred to systematically to avoid repetition of work.
  • HR administration: arranges for contracts of employment and all documentation pertinent to pre-appointment to be drawn up in a timely manner;
  • ensures checks are carried out for Right to Work in the UK in accordance with UKBA compliance prior to a new teacher starting employment with the School;
  • ensures a DBS check is carried out for each member of the teaching staff prior to a new teacher starting employment with the School;
  • ensures references are taken up and received prior to a new teacher starting employment with the School;
  • maintains records of sickness and holidays on the ADP system;
  • authorises holiday dates with teaching staff directly reporting to him/her; holidays to be taken at such times to be convenient to the School.
  • Provides teacher’s completed/authorised timesheets and any relevant information to the Payroll Department within the set timescale.
  • Carries out Appraisals for reviewing the performance of all academic staff directly reporting to him/her in accordance with Company policy, with appropriate target setting and monitoring of progress.
  • Carries out the disciplinary of staff, when required, in line with the Company procedures as outlined in the Staff Handbook.

Academic Administration

  • Maintains class averages at optimal levels in agreement with the School Principal.
  • Responsible for the allocations of teachers to classes/courses.
  • Class Timetabling: carries out intake procedures, student placement and testing, progress tests and exit tests.
  • Co-ordinates Syllabus design when required.
  • Oversees Library and Computer Suite: offering provision of self-study material and internet to students after class. Develops self-access materials including reference materials, library books and videos.
  • Ensures students are provided with access to self-study materials and advice from the staff.
  • Resources development: ordering materials which are appropriate to the needs of teachers and students on summer programmes and year-round courses. Meeting publishing representatives as necessary
  • Works closely with appropriate staff at CATS College to provide the English Language delivery to support the success of the
  • Academic English Module (AEM) programme to CATS College students. 

Student Welfare & Academic Support

  • Carries out Skype interviews and pre-course tests of prospective students to assess language level for visa application purposes (if required) and exam courses.
  • Co-ordinates examination entries and certificates.
  • Manages the process of monthly Progress Tutorials for every student studying at the School for longer than four weeks.
  • Ensures the Tutorials take place and are followed through by a Tutor in a systematic way; offering every support to the student in his/her academic aims. Ensures that feedback from the Tutorials are disseminated to all relevant parties in a timely manner.
  • Counsels students on all academic issues such as examinations, options and language level and, if appropriate, arrange visits to sister Colleges or study centres.
  • Liaises with Accommodation staff and other Administrative staff on students’ pastoral care, where necessary.
  • Carries out classroom teaching when required, according to number of enrolments at the School and projects being undertaken. 


  • Attends conferences and training days, mutually agreed upon with the Principal.
  • Deputises for the Principal as necessary.
  • Liaises with Group Leaders and Agents on visits to the School.
  • Meets with ad hoc walk-in enquiries/prospective students.
  • Liaises with Head Office as appropriate.
  • Liaises with other CEG Colleges to assist with the student progression, as appropriate.
  • Works within parameters set by outside bodies such as UKBA, ISI and British Council.
  • Acts as Duty Manager for the emergency telephone, when required.
  • Ensures that classrooms are set up correctly for use each morning and that windows and doors are secure at night.

The post holder will carry out any other reasonable duties.

The School is responsible for students under the age of 18, therefore, every member of staff has a duty of care to the students in our School.


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