EFL Teacher - Beijing

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About the Company

Aihua International Education
Aihua is an English school situated in Beijing where we have been situated for over 12 years. We hope to bring respect and honor back to the profession of English language teaching.

At Aihua, our teachers have warm relations with the students and we are professionals. As educators, we focus on the learning results of our students and really helping them progress while enjoying English class.

The great thing about working for Aihua is that you have the opportunity to work in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

About the job

Bachelors Degree (Any)
120+ Hour TEFL Certificate
08 March 2017
01 August 2017
Permanent Contract

Job Description

We are hiring foreign teachers to work with children between the ages of 3 and 12. We have over 50 foreign teachers and over 100 Chinese staff working with us in west Beijing, where we have operated for over ten years.


Most of our classes have a maximum of 8 students, and teachers follow a set curriculum supplemented by an interactive whiteboard and extensive multimedia material. Foreign teachers work together with local co-teachers, who act as a bridge between the school and the parents.


Foreign teachers are hired for 90 teaching periods (45-50 mins) per month. Our teachers normally teach around 20 periods per week. There are no office hours, but teachers must prepare lessons well, and attend weekly training and meeting.


These are the Wages and Benefits that we offer;


Salary: Competitive


You will also receive a training completion bonus of 5000 RMB after the first month and a contract completion bonus of 10,000 RMB. We provide teachers with full medical Insurance, a work Z visa and cover their flights to China.


Here are many of the other reasons why teachers choose us over other schools;


- We always deal fairly with teachers. We recognize that our reputation for fair dealing is our most important resource. Above all we value the honour and the good name of our school.


- We have western management, which sets us apart from many other schools in China. This creates a more comfortable and transparent working environment for our foreign teachers.


- We have a friendly, fun and professional working environment.


- We provide complete support to our foreign teachers in all aspects of life and teaching.


- We run a set curriculum, and our terms are fixed. A teacher receives a timetable at the beginning of the term, and this remains constant throughout the term. The teacher will have the teachers book, and the students will have the students book. A clear course plan detailing the speed of teaching will be presented to the teacher.


- Extensive multimedia resources related to each unit in each program are available to the teacher.


- Most of our classes are small, with a maximum of eight students.


- Experienced and helpful Chinese teachers work together and support our foreign teachers.


- We have three professional development tracks for teachers wishing to take on higher roles at our school: training, administration and management.


Aihua offers its teachers regular Chinese lessons as well as general support with living in China.

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