The Ultimate Plan for Working Abroad: Introduction

Working Abroad Plan

The Ultimate Plan for Working Abroad: Introduction

by admin in Blog 11/12/2017

For many people, working abroad may be a completely new experience. It might even be your first trip away on your own, which can seem quite daunting.

Are you excited to get out there and see the world, travelling to far away, beautiful places, but aren’t quite sure where to begin with planning? Have you bagged a job abroad but have no idea of how to set yourself up? Or are you thinking of searching for work overseas, but are drawing a blank and need advice?

Planning a trip can seem like a long and endless road, but we are here to help you cut this down into manageable segments. Each little bit can be tackled separately, meaning that organising your working holiday will run all the more smoothly!

Working abroad plan

We have used my own working abroad experiences, along with the advice from our employers, to put together an extensive list of all those little things you might forget when organising your working holiday trip. From insurance to packing, healthcare to transport, visas to vaccinations… and even what type of luggage to bring!

Do I bring cutlery? I hear you ask. Is it really worth packing a portable washing line? When do I organise a bank account? Do I really need a laptop? We address all these little questions to help your travel preparation and to take away some of that pre-travel stress!

What will we be focusing on in this series?

Be sure to keep your information organised in a way that is best for you. Whether it be bookmarking pages, taking notes or taking photos of books. These can be used to write lists, mood boards, mind maps… whatever works for you. With all this information collected, you will want a clear way to view it all.

Where do we begin?

The first thing we are going to address in this series, is researching your destination. From choosing your country, town or even neighbourhood – there are so many factors to consider. Whether it be climate, work, landscape or amenities – with such a big wide world out there, you want to make sure you end up in a place that suits you best!

The Ultimate Plan for Working Abroad: Destination Research is Key!