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Make TEFLwork the first stop in your search for new TEFL jobs worldwide in the English teaching world. It’s an online careers board with a difference: all our candidates are qualified with either CELTA, Delta, Trinity TESOL or equivalent certificates, meaning that it’s the first place employers look when they want to hire English teachers.

Jobs for Qualified English Language Teachers

We only accept high-standard job advertisements, focused on qualifications and experience.

Bespoke Solutions for Employers

TEFLwork is more than a jobs platform. We actively engage with English teaching job seekers by reaching out via our colleagues throughout the English teacher training sector. Contact us about your recruitment needs.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does it cost to sign up as a teacher?

      Nothing, it is absolutely free.

      I don’t have any teaching qualification, can I sign up anyway?

      You must have a English teaching certificate of at least 120 hours or equivalent to sign up to TEFLwork. Users without qualification will not be able to sign up.

      I’m a teacher trainer, can I sign up?

      Yes, there are always jobs for teacher trainers and those with Delta or CERT Diploma certificates around. TEFLwork is not only for teacher but also for directors of studies, teacher trainers, principals and more.

      Why should I sign up to TEFLwork?

      TEFLwork is the only TEFL jobs worldwide site dedicated only to those English teachers with a high level of qualification. Additionally, the quality of job adverts on the site is moderated to make sure only the best quality jobs are posted.